Enthusiasm Grows for BIM in Ireland

Enthusiasm Grows for BIM in Ireland The Construction IT Alliance (CitA) continues to provide leadership for the adoption of BIM in Ireland. Since 2001, CitA has focused on educating and engaging AECO stakeholders in the Irish Construction Industry on the potential of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). The Smarter Cooperative Building Series was developed to build and deepen the relationship with the Construction Industry Council (CIC) constituent groups and works directly with regions to increase SME involvement in the industry’s BIM journey. I attended the first breakfast meeting of the CitA Smarter Cooperative Building Series: A Public Sector BIM Adoption Strategy Update. The meeting took place on February 15th at the Royal College of Physicians in Dublin and it had an amazing turnout. More than 140 delegates were present to discuss the future of digital construction and provide insights to help shape policy about BIM in the Irish industry.

A mandate for BIM in Ireland?

During the meeting, we heard progress updates from the CIC BIM Working Group. Also, we learned about the growing enthusiasm for BIM in the public sector. Lastly, we discussed where Ireland falls into the worldwide adoption of BIM standards. Overall, the consensus from the event was that the Irish industry would benefit from a national BIM mandate. A mandate for BIM in Ireland would establish a clear framework for digital project delivery. As a result, all industry stakeholders can develop skills, adopt technologies and processes for the project delivery framework. The UK BIM mandate provides a great foundation to rapidly refer to, adapt and implement!