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Build your BIM workflows with trusted data

BIM Assure helps you define and validate your data requirements

Data Management for BIM Workflows

Leverage our data management tools for BIM workflows to produce reliable BIM data efficiently, and enable data driven workflows in your capital programs. With BIM Classify you can bring reliability and speed to quantification, cost estimation, scheduling, and creation of an Asset Twin for a streamlined project handover.

Based on many years of our experience in digital transformation of the built environment, we created web based tools that provide automation to data classifications (BIM Classify®) and data definition and validation (BIM Assure®).

BIM Assure®

BIM Assure leverages the classifications established with the aid of BIM Classify to define the required properties to consistently describe “things” and validate the data for completeness and quality. BIM Assure is used by AEC practitioners, and also adopted by large capital programs to ensure that all their models speak a common language specified for the program.

Initially introduced to market in 2016, BIM Assure has recently been rebuilt by Invicara on the Twinit® platform with increased functionality. It enables users to

  • Select and define the data requirements for each class of model elements,
  • Configure validators for each data requirement,
  • Run validations in the cloud,
  • Analyse model data validation results and download reports,
  • Create digital twin configuration files from an uploaded model.

BIM Assure® plugin

The BIM Assure plugin for design tools is currently available for Autodesk Revit and Civil3D. It allows model authors to,

  • Check the model for elements of interest (based on their classifications),
  • Suggest data parameters to be created in the model,
  • Create all or selected data parameters,
  • Upload the model to the cloud for validation or creation of a digital twin configuration.

BIM Assure democratises the process of creating and checking model data requirements. It allows anyone with the relevant permissions and an internet connection to specify information requirements, which can be applied quickly and consistently to a model using the plugin.

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