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Why Invicara?

At Invicara we help owners and project teams collaborate to create data-rich, digital buildings. The results are amazing: better information throughout the building lifecycle helps reduce costs, delays, and miscommunication. Find out more about our transformative solutions and the industry-leading technology that powers them.

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Invicara | Making FM Digitally Adept

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Making FM Digitally Adept

From working with our clients, we know the positive impact BIM data can make for FMs. This complimentary white paper compiles our learnings, key practices, ideas on overcoming challenges and how to move forward.

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Case Studies

Take a deep dive into some of our success stories, where Invicara solutions and technology helped deliver greater business value to our clients.

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Realcomm Webinar:  “Smart Building DIGITAL TWINS – Demystifying the Building Visualization Technology”

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MAY 13

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Realcomm 2020

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Whether you need an end-to-end BIM data management or enhancement for just a particular area, our flexible solutions can be customized to your specific needs.

We built flexible technology to extend BIM and turn 3D Models into Information Models. Take a deep dive into the components of our powerful platform.

Our team of experts have world-class knowledge of BIM and digitalization of the industry. Explore some of our insights into this rapidly evolving landscape.