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Solutions that meet your unique needs for project delivery and operations. Built on – the most flexible Digital Twin platform available

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Capital Projects

Unlock the potential of BIM for a flawless handover, that integrates 3D graphics with a rich set of data and documents.


Reduce energy use, improve occupant comfort and wellness, and resolve issues quickly for both new projects and existing facilities.


Rapidly build solutions that help your firm or your clients to optimize project delivery and operations.

Join the Digital Twin Revolution Your Way

Invicara Digital Twins unite system, sensor, and spatial data within a secure, dynamic digital replica of your facility. You bring together siloed data from disconnected processes in an open, customizable platform that gives you the power to act with context and insight.

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Why Invicara?

How can our Digital Twin solutions work for transport hubs, healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, utilities, and more? Flexibility.

Invicara helps you create Digital Twins that address specific goals. Owners improve asset value and availability while lowering risk. Operators take sustainability, efficiency and responsiveness to new levels. And occupants enjoy spaces that support comfort, wellness, and productivity.

Realize Your Digital Twin Vision

Project Managers

Find out how Invicara’s strategic consulting, information management services, and collaborative technology can help you and your project teams streamline handover. Break down information siloes and deliver data-rich, digital buildings.


Learn how Invicara lets you unite the systems you use to control and understand your built environment. Your Digital Twin empowers you to set, track, and meet objectives. It’s flexible and customizable, so you can address unique needs across your portfolio.


Meet the most flexible Digital Twin platform available. It uses a data-centric approach to combine the power of BIM and Smart building technologies. Enabling you build your own low code solutions, integrate with other systems and deliver outcomes that meet your business needs and client’s expectations.

Start Your Digital Twin Journey with a Map and Guide

When you work with Invicara, we partner with you. Tell us how you want your Digital Twin to monitor and run your buildings and infrastructure. Invicara Digital Twins are built with the end in mind:

  • A foundation for success: We work with you to create a Digital Twin using an information strategy aligned to your goals.
  • Experience and insights: We lead a discovery process that helps you identify the information and data you need. During the process, we work with you to uncover ways you can reduce costs and improve processes and data quality.
  • Actionable plans: We develop a detailed delivery plan that establishes data sources, deliverables and responsibilities.

Invicara Projects

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See Digital Twins in Action

Get a guided tour of the steps that go into creating a Digital Twin. You’ll see how Invicara Digital Twins transform operations—fast and with accurate data.

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