Everyone Is Talking About Digital Twins, But How Do We Deliver?

Everyone Is Talking About Digital Twins, But How Do We Deliver? On Thursday, September 26, I had the opportunity to attend the CitA BIM Gathering in Galway, Ireland. With 8 keynote speakers and 48 general session speakers, it was a day packed with fascinating discussion on where BIM fits in the Irish construction industry, and how the evolution of BIM, and technologies like a digital twin, will continue to positively impact the costs and efficiencies of building creation and maintenance. Additionally, I had the honor of presenting not one, but two sessions throughout the day. During my morning session, “Two Birds with One Stone – Streamline handover and create a Digital Twin for Operations,” I covered the most common challenges faced by asset owners, from poor visibility into the design process to how to reduce operational costs with the implementation of a digital twin maturity model. While the upfront work of identifying information requirements and collecting high quality data throughout design and construction may have caused a bit of concern for some of the attendees, the purpose of this session was to assure project teams that digital twin solutions don’t mean extra work, but the delivery of high-quality data. It’s all about quality over quantity. In the afternoon, Professor Roger West, Trinity College, and I shared a case study with attendees during, “Trinity Business School: BIM to Digital Twin — the Journey,” to explore how Trinity College achieved digital transformation for the Trinity Business School. Throughout the project, Invicara worked with Trinity to aggregate asset data throughout design, construction, and commissioning to produce a dynamic digital twin. Together, Roger and I discussed how Invicara’s digital solutions and consulting services have helped the project team meet Trinity College’s requirements. If you’d like to get copies of either of the presentations, please contact us today! Invicara

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