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The platform for digital buildings.


Transformation through information

Invicara’s mission is simple. Help our clients create data-rich digital buildings.

Our vision: A smarter industry that uses richer, more accurate information to drive efficiency for the entire ecosystem of the built environment.

The results? Transparency. Deeper, Actionable Insights. Fluid Collaboration. And a completely transformed building industry.

BIM is the beginning.

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, lets designers and contractors create virtual models of a building. In these models, you can find all of the assets and elements that make up the building.

BIM tools are powerful but complex and developed for AEC firms. While BIM has proven its value in helping improve project team communication and coordination, it hasn’t yet lived up to its promise for owners that need data or manufacturers that could collaborate with clients.

Data is the key.

A comprehensive data platform for digital buildings.

Invicara is a data platform for the entire lifecycle of a building. We’re not just managing files and folders, we’re focused on the data. We use BIM as a foundation for creating comprehensive solutions – associating multiple sources of data and documents to model and drawing elements. During design and construction, we start by verifying the model data is complete and meets the owner’s requirements.  As the project moves forward we gather information and help organize it to provide a complete, reliable handover information model for operations.  During operations, we give owners a “digital building manual” – an open, accessible, and extensible source for building information.

Meet your building’s digital twin.

Invicara’s platform helps owners and their design and construction partners create a data-rich, digital twin of a building.

Imagine having all the information about your buildings at your fingertips – information that’s easy to find, packaged the way you need it, and able to flow freely into other systems. That’s a digital twin.

Digital buildings can support project team coordination, give owners unprecedented access to models and data, and help manufacturers collaborate with partners, designers, and clients.

Smarter Buildings and a Smarter Building Industry

Value for the entire ecosystem of the built environment

About Invicara

Invicara is a “global startup” with operations in North America, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore. We bring a unique, global perspective to the challenges facing the industry. Our team of senior industry leaders and entrepreneurs have deep experience in every phase of  the building lifecycle.

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