Let’s make BIM better.


Transformation through information

Invicara’s mission is simple. Make BIM better.
Our vision: A smarter building industry that uses richer, more accurate information and insights to drive efficiency in every step of design, construction and operations.

The result? Transparency. Fewer mistakes, less delays, more savings. And a completely transformed building industry.

The industry is growing. And so is BIM.

Construction output accounts for 11% of the global GDP and growing.

15 Trillion

BIM adoption in North America







Opportunity Chart

On collaborative projects, BIM can reduce total project costs by 15% or more.

Yet BIM is not being used to its full potential

Only 14% of users report strong ROI with BIM

Why? Current tools can’t realize the full potential of BIM.
BIM users want:


Better communication between software applications


Better technical analysis functions

It’s time to make BIM better

Our solution? Cloud-based software products that help our customers and partners create models with rich, accurate, shareable information about their buildings. Our products help designers, builders, owners and operators leverage BIM to its fullest potential.

It’s a platform that brings the best of key technologies like the Cloud, Mobility, Big Data, Search, Analytics and more, all targeted at dramatically improving efficiency in the design, construction and operation of buildings.

Smarter Buildings and a Smarter Building Industry

A single source of truth for the building lifecycle

Your buildings speak for themselves.
Now your building models can, too.

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Quality information that helps you build trust across clients and projects.

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The more you know,
the smarter your buildings will be.

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About Invicara

As a “global startup” with operations in Asia and the US, we bring a unique, global perspective to the challenges facing the industry. Our team of senior industry leaders and entrepreneurs have deep experience in every phase of  the building lifecycle.

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