See why Hensel Phelps chose Invicara to help them meet complex data expectations and deliver a handover model with complete, reliable data for the SFO Airport Terminal 1 Center Renovation construction project. 

Read the Hensel Phelps/Invicara story to find out:

  • What helped this 820,000 square foot facility with a multifaceted, phased development plan get FM data delivered EARLY.
  • What was Hensel Phelps’s evaluation process for model data management tools?
  • How did Invicara help Hensel Phelps meet SFO’s complex data needs?
  • What helped the design and subcontractor teams get onboard?


In the end, the team:

  • Provided detailed, high-quality data to help SFO avoid the headaches of gathering information for their CMMS and asset management systems.
  • Improved the quality of the project team’s initial data delivery by 50%.
  • Reduced the time and effort to validate building information by 90%.

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