Invicara is a flexible, extensible, and programmable information management platform. At its core, its highly configurable components allow building information to be aggregated from multiple, diverse sources and managed. The ability to build relationships between those data sets brings unprecedented context and insights into building performance and business processes.

Digitalizing your business processes is critical to remain competitive. The platform supports cost-effective development of applications that, working together, create powerful solutions to manage information for capital programs and operations of buildings and infrastructure.

The Invicara platform was designed from the ground up for digital transformation. It is made up of a growing set of microservices (“building blocks” of technology that perform very specific functions) and API’s (technology that allows independent systems to communicate and share data).

With this foundation, Invicara can provide building owners with solutions tailored to their specific needs at a fraction of the cost and complexity of custom software development. What’s more, each microservice and API has its own roadmap for enhancement, allowing the platform to constantly evolve and get richer over time.

Capabilities of the Invicara Platform

Multiple Data Sources

Data comes from many places: 3D models, spreadsheets, business systems, or existing databases and repositories. Invicara platform connectors can extract data from these multiple sources to create a “data lake” (a single, centralized repository of building information). The platform can transform the extracted data to conform to different target schemas, providing the foundation to any digital transformation effort.

Configurable Data Model

Most information systems have fixed data schemas (information is structured in a very specific way for that system). This approach to managing data limits flexibility and over time, shackles progress. The Invicara platform does not have a fixed schema – it was designed to be configured to manage information the way you need to manage it. This approach allows data models to evolve, in a flexible manner to support your growing and changing business needs. It also means you have a platform that helps your business stay agile and competitive.

Powerful Data Expression & Transformation

Just as there are multiple sources for building information, there are many systems that need building information to deliver the most value for your business. The Invicara platform is highly flexible in how it provides data, both for internal processes and for external applications. The Invicara platform uses a powerful scripting language to transform the data so that it flows seamlessly into external systems – powering your business initiatives.

Seamless Integration of Files

Not all building information is data! Documents, drawings, images, videos and other files are a key part of any building information strategy. Unfortunately, most organizations keep building files in systems that use a directory structure with myriad of folders, making those files hard to find and nearly impossible to integrate into business processes. The Invicara platform makes files a seamless part of a broader information set. Files are tagged with attributes, making them smart, easily accessible, relatable to other data and available for workflows.

Flexible User Interface Framework

Using data to solve business problems should not always require complex enterprise solutions. The Invicara platform’s user interface framework provides the ability to build light apps very efficiently by leveraging the various microservices. Invicara apps can also work across data sets managed by the platform. It supports the ability to leverage and display graphics, build dashboards and present data contextually.

Workflows that Work for You

Every aspect of transforming, collecting, organizing, managing data and leveraging that data to solve business problems, involves workflows. Typically “off the shelf” software systems force you to adopt their workflow and you end up trying to drive square pegs into round holes! The Invicara platform is not bound by fixed workflows. Our solution architects can implement workflows to flexibly tailor your solutions to deliver the optimal business process.

The Right Roles for your Teams

A key benefit of the cloud is collaboration between varied stakeholders, who may have differing roles and need different access to your data. Rather than providing a predefined set of roles and permissions, which is typical for most systems, our solution architects can configure any number of roles and permissions to make our apps work the way your teams work.

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