Two Birds with One Stone: Streamline Handover and Create a Digital Twin for Operations

In the presentation, “Two Birds with One Stone – Streamline Handover and Create a Digital Twin for Operations,” Louise Kelly, Solutions Consultant for Invicara, covers the most common challenges faced by building owners, the development stages of a Digital Twin, and the benefits for owners in each.

So why do you need a Digital Twin?

As Louise points out, not only are the processes between design and construction disjointed, but there isn’t much visibility into them either. The critical building data that is created during these phases is oftentimes overwritten or left behind as a project moves through its lifecycle.  A Digital Twin is an information-rich virtual copy of a building that captures and preserves the data, tying it into operating systems for the building for processes such as estimating, procurement, operations, sustainability measurement and leasing down the road.

For example, in the case of sustainability, a Digital Twin can be designed to measure and chart things like the embodied carbon of the project. Also, is there any circularity?  What products can be used again at the end of the project?

What Louise stresses is that Digital Twin solutions, if delivered in a structured way, don’t mean extra work, but result in the efficient delivery of high-quality data. It’s all about quality over quantity.

To find out more about how a Digital Twin is created, or the Invicara client-centric approach,  you can see the speech in its entirety here.

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