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For most owners and operators, what’s the biggest challenge today? Siloed data. Which leads to performance that falls out of tune with targets. Energy costs rise. Occupant comfort and wellness suffers. Availability of facilities is at risk and equipment performance decreases. It doesn’t have to be like this. You’ve got the data and the systems. You just need to bring it together within a unified interface engineered for the built environment. That’s an Invicara Digital Twin.

Invicara Digital Twins offer a complete solution you use to:

  • Supervise: Use integrated data from systems and sensors to meet your performance and energy utilization goals.
  • Visualize: Monitor operations using 3D models that display real-time data in a real-world context.
  • Transform: Foster innovation by eliminating data silos using a shared data model and connected systems.
  • Manage: Connect the right people with the right information to quickly resolve issues and drive proactive operations.
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Invicara Digital Twins help you run your portfolio with new levels of efficiency thanks to lower energy costs and higher maintenance productivity. Just as key: equipment becomes more reliable when you link performance data to a dynamic model that includes real-time diagnostics. Occupants win too. You’re able to deliver the indoor air quality and comfort they need to perform—and feel—better.

We’ve developed the most flexible and configurable Digital Twin solutions available. You can tailor them to meet your unique needs and deploy them in weeks not months or years. They are:

Equipment Performance

Use equipment analytics and lifecycle data to improve the way your equipment performs. They operate more efficiently with proactive planning and management.

Unified Information

Digital Twins bring together data and documents from a wide range of sources, providing a unified and comprehensive facility information resource. Ensure your people in the field have instant access to accurate location, specification, and schedule information so they can work faster.


Dynamically connect your BMS, IoT, and CMMS systems with 3D models for intelligent diagnostics and visualization. Tune system performance using real-time data to lower costs and improve outcomes. In a few clicks, find all equipment that affect a room’s temperature or quickly locate an isolation valve to stop a water leak.

Energy & Sustainability

Monitor and track energy and water consumption, onsite generation, and other sustainability metrics. Improve energy performance to lower costs and achieve sustainability goals.


Support the health and comfort of occupants with real-time data. As you track real-time data, you manage systems to improve indoor air quality.

How Invicara Digital Twins Are Different

Some Digital Twins products treat facilities with a “one size fits all” approach. The odds are that simply won’t work for you. You need custom solutions to meet the needs of specific sites and to achieve distinctive goals. What’s more, you need solutions that can evolve and adapt as your requirements change.

Invicara Digital Twins are different. Invicara Digital Twins address the unique challenges you need them to solve. Every Invicara Digital Twin delivers for each project, operator, and owner. That’s because it’s tailored to your definition of operational success. You can customize your Digital Twin and integrate it with your systems and sensors, innovating as you adopt better processes. And the Invicara team can help as you go.

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Start Your Digital Twin Journey with a Map and Guide

When you work with Invicara, we partner with you. Tell us how you want your Digital Twin to monitor and run your buildings and infrastructure. Beyond the Invicara Digital Twin solution, we deliver:

  • A foundation for success: We work with you to create a Digital Twin using an information strategy aligned to your goals.
  • Experience and insights: We lead a discovery process that helps you identify the information and data you need. During the process, we work with you to uncover ways you can reduce costs and improve processes and data quality.
  • Actionable plans: We develop a detailed delivery plan for the project team. Across the team, people will know who’s doing what and when.

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