Selected Invicara Projects

Invicara has delivered Digital Twin solutions for a wide range of property types for developers and owners in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Find out more about selected Invicara projects.

Invicara Projects | University Building, Dublin

University Building

Dublin, Ireland | 125,000 sq.ft.

Invicara Projects | Office, Seattle

Downtown High-Rise

Seattle, WA | 540,000 sq.ft

Invicara Projects | Office, Dublin

Urban Office Mid-Rise

Dublin, Ireland | 500,000 sq.ft

Invicara Projects | Office Park, Bangalore

Office Park

Bangalore, India | 1,000,000 sq.ft.

Invicara Projects | Office, Singapore

Urban Office Mid-Rise

Singapore | 235,000 sq.ft.

Invicara Projects | Children's Hospital Expansion, Arkansas

Children’s Hospital Expansion

Little Rock, AR | 234,000 sq.ft. | Case Study

Invicara Projects | Airport Terminal, San Francisco

Airport Terminal

San Francisco, CA | 820,000 sq.ft. | Case Study

Invicara Projects | Airport Terminal, Bangalore

Airport Terminal

Bangalore, India | 2,750,000 sq.ft.

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