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Deliver complete, reliable BIM data. Start your Digital Twin journey with confidence and trust.

Unleash the power of BIM with BIM Assure – collaborative, cloud-based software to create complete, reliable model data.

Designed for non-modellers to easily access models and data through their web browser.

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Unlock BIM Data

Decouple data management from modelling to enable non-BIM users like engineers or project managers can enter and update data.

Get Reliable Data

BIM Assure helps verify and validate data deliverables at each milestone. Dashboards show data quality at a glance.

Share Data

Easily export building data to Excel for analysis, to share with other stakeholders, or to import into other systems.

Create a digital twin foundation

Once you know your built asset data is complete and reliable with BIM Assure, you can use your model as the foundation for your Digital Twin solutions and services.

Whether you are an asset owner, occupier, operator, developer, or want to provide addition services, benefits of Digital Twins include:

  • Improved transparency
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved wellness and well-being
  • Reduced environmental impacts
  • Increased built asset value


BIM Assure is designed to be simple to set up and use. From setting up projects, to configuring rules, to managing BIM content and team members - you’ll be ready to roll in no time.

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Jump start with templates

You don’t have to start from scratch every time! BIM Assure allows you to create a library of analysis templates that you can reuse across projects to address a wide range of BIM data needs.

From common checks for day-to-day model data issues to robust templates targeted at specific workflows, BIM Assure’s templates will help you realise value quickly.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

BIM Assure’s workflow is simple:

  1. Publish directly from your BIM authoring tools to BIM Assure
  2. Use BIM Assure’s templates or create your own rules to find and fix data issues. Anyone on the team can view and manage data
  3. In the authoring tool, sync the fixes back into the original model.
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Key capabilities

  • Cloud-based model viewing lets modellers and non-BIM users alike access models in a standard web browser
  • Revit integration and data sync provide a seamless workflow with the modelling team
  • Data rules and analyses validate model data against deliverable requirements
  • Reports export issues and model data to configurable Excel spreadsheets
  • Slices highlight the elements and data that matter to you to streamline data management
  • International foundation classes (IFC) support lets you check data from a wide range of design and construction tools
  • Issue browser makes it easy to find and fix data issues found by BIM Assure’s rules
  • Normalisation helps you create a repeatable system for consistent data management across all your projects.

Building digital built environment together

Whatever your Digital Twin maturity, Invicara can assist you with your digital transformation. Contact us today!