Platform Services provides an extensible set of powerful Platform Services to manage users, structure and manage data, manage files, integrate multiple apps into a single source of truth, visualize facility information in 3D and 2D, connect to BMS and IoT systems, and create insightful dashboards for business intelligence.

Passport Service

The Passport Service helps you build apps that are secure and flexible. Define user accounts and groups and workspaces, namespaces and permissions, to align your applications to your users’ business and process requirements.

Item Service

The Item Service sets the foundation for’s flexible and extensible data model. Assets, spaces, systems, files and more are “named user items” with configurable item schemas and data relationships and simplify queries and analytics.

File Service

Powerful association between Files and the Item Service makes it easy to integrate files into data-driven workflows.

Data Sources

Data sources serve as data pipelines for reading data from different sources, processing it and persisting it. Data sources help you join data from a wide range of systems into a “single source of truth” for the facility.

Graphics Service

Graphics Service works with the Graphics Viewer – streaming 3D and 2D graphics data to the browser.

Notification Service

Keep users informed of critical issues and key events. Manages users’ notification preferences and devices. Sends notifications to devices via email or text.

Telemetry Service

The Telemetry Service allows you to integrate your Digital Twin Solution with BMS, IoT and IT Infra over MQTT, BACnet IP, SNMP and others. Reads telemetry data from an edge device and provides real time sensor readings and access to historical time-series data in your apps.

Analytics Service

The Analytics Service enables solutions like energy analytics and equipment fault detection & diagnostics. It allows you to embed BI Dashboards and widgets in your applications.

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