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Performance Twin

A control centre for a singular asset or an entire portfolio, optimising all aspects of facility operations

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Your smart asset control centre

A packaged solution built on Twinit, the Performance Twin integrates all relevant information produced by other building management systems and processes. It creates a single pane of glass view of the data you care about, visualising it contextually and removing the cognitive overload involved in understanding data. Through analytics and anomaly detection capabilities that can be layered into the Twin, you can create a control centre to manage your asset or an entire portfolio. The Performance Twin enables asset owners to achieve all their ESG goals, driving down energy use, improving occupant health and wellness, enhancing equipment life and reducing maintenance costs.

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Performance Twins are transforming operations

  • The building comes alive through a Twinit Digital Twin integrated with IoT devices and the BMS system
  • The Performance Twin is a “single pane of glass” that brings together asset information, energy data, air quality metrics, and more
  • Powerful Performance Twin dashboards allow users to focus on the information most important to them, such as sustainability metrics, indoor air quality, equipment performance, and more
  • Detailed energy metering, equipment performance and fault detection monitoring help reduce electrical consumption
  • Operators and technicians also can see critical equipment performance metrics like energy use, temperatures, flow rates, differential pressure readings, etc
  • As a result, trips to the field can be minimised - reducing time and cost. Operators can remotely diagnose problems and send the right technician to resolve the issue


More and more, investors and occupants are looking for facilities that support their sustainability goals.

A Performance Twin can help you benchmark operational performance against design and as-built data related to the building’s carbon footprint and track material circularity.

Realtime data

Integrating data from real-time systems such as the BMS, Energy Meters, Indoor Air Quality, and Occupancy Sensors enables operators to measure, manage and optimise infrastructure performance, utilisation, and respond to incidents more effectively.

Custom apps

Custom apps built on the Twinit platform can fill gaps in your operations and address new use cases to reduce costs, improve service and create new business models.

Custom apps built on the Twinit platform can fill gaps in your operations and address new use cases to reduce costs, improve service and create new business models.

Intelligence and insights

With all your data unified, you can get unprecedented insights into your building and data to drive decisions that enhance convenience, ensure compliance, improve sustainability and more.

Automated fault detection and diagnostics capabilities will enable operators to make proactive interventions that enhances asset and energy performance, occupant comfort and wellness.

Building digital built environment together

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