Application Framework

The Application Framework gives developers access to powerful business logic scripting, flexible configuration options, and a growing library of reusable, configurable UI components. All built to leverage the power of APIs and Platform Services.

Project Configuration’s Project Configuration tools are where you define the core structure of your project. With the project configuration, you can:

  • Define data model in the platform
  • Define schemas for entities
  • Populate data into backend
  • Define user groups and permissions

User Configuration

User Configuration ties everything together for your solutions! The user configuration defines the user groups, related UI components, scripts that are invoked for the user’s actions, on a given resource. Applications built on are role-based and you can assign users to multiple roles. The user chooses their role when they open a project and, based on the role selected, the application only presents the features configured for that role.

Business Logic Scripts

Business Logic Scripts define how your applications interact with platform services and data. Scripts use a powerful expression language to allow you to create digital workflows that align with your user’s business processes.

Application Presentation

Easy to configure for you and simple to use for your users,’s application presentation let you tailor your solutions to present the right pages to the right users. You can define pages, page groups, and page actions to support complex business processes.

UI Components UI components are reusable, scriptable React components that developers can use to quickly build apps. Components can be pages and items within the page. What’s more, you can extend your apps with custom components that you build from scratch.

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