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Reduce energy use, improve occupant comfort and wellness, and resolve issues quickly

Get Your Complete Digital Twin

Invicara Digital Twins help you manage your portfolio with new levels of efficiency with lowered energy use, better maintenance and productivity. Just as key equipment becomes more reliable and lasts longer, when you link performance data to a dynamic model that includes real-time diagnostics. Occupants win too. You’re able to deliver the indoor air quality and comfort they need to perform and feel better.

New Construction: Invicara provides Capital Projects solutions to leverage BIM and streamline handover of a Digital Twin for operations.

Existing Facilities: Invicara can build a knowledge graph of your facilities, connect and integrate existing systems to create Digital Twins without the need for 3D models.

We’ve developed the most flexible and configurable Digital Twin solutions available. You can tailor them to meet your unique needs and deploy them in weeks not months or years. They are:

Unified Information

Digital Twins bring together data and documents from a wide range of sources, providing a unified and comprehensive facility information resource. Ensure your people in the field have instant access to accurate location, specification, and the right documents so they can work faster and avoid re-work.

Equipment Performance

Apply analytics to connected data from HVAC, lighting, meters, air quality sensors; correlated with weather, occupancy, and maintenance data to automate fault detection and improve the way your equipment performs. Facilities operate more efficiently with proactive planning and management.


Take fault detection to the next level, using knowledge graphs that visualize relationships between spaces, systems and equipment. With system knowledge graphs, you can quickly find and fix the root cause of an issue – even before it impacts facility operations! In a few clicks, find all systems and equipment that affect a room’s temperature and check their performance or quickly locate an isolation valve to stop a water leak.

Energy & Sustainability

Monitor and track energy and water consumption, onsite generation, and other sustainability metrics. Improve energy performance to lower consumption and achieve sustainability goals, while reducing costs.

Indoor Air Quality

Support the health and comfort of occupants with real-time data. As you track real-time data, you manage systems to improve indoor air quality.


Track occupancy and understand utilization patterns to fine tune your facility systems to optimize performance, comfort, and occupant health.

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