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Operate Your Buildings and Infrastructure as You Envisioned

For most owners and operators, what’s the biggest challenge today? Siloed data. Which leads to performance that falls out of tune with targets. Energy costs rise. Occupant comfort and wellness suffers. Availability of facilities is at risk and equipment performance decreases.

It doesn’t have to be like this. You’ve got the data and the systems. You can bring them together, apply analytics, and gain insights within a unified interface engineered for the built environment.

That’s an Invicara Digital Twin.

Organize: Integrate information relating to spaces, systems, equipment and sensors, get quick and easy access to contextual information.

Supervise: Apply Analytics, Fault Detection and Diagnostics for proactive maintenance, meet your performance and energy utilization goals.

Visualize: Combine the power of dashboards, 3D models, 2D drawings or just Scanned views to display real-time data in a real-world context.

Transform: Foster innovation by enabling a connected and interoperable environment that integrates existing systems and new applications.

Manage: Connect the right people with the right information to quickly resolve issues and drive proactive operations.

Asset Twin

Your Digital Facility Manual

With traditional project handover’s, critical information is difficult to access, locked in siloed systems or documents, or is simply missing. An Invicara Asset Twin combines all the data and documents identified in the information strategy with 3D models and drawings of the building. It’s a “digital facility manual” that provides key information to your internal team and external vendors.

For your existing buildings, Invicara can help you create an asset twin based on your existing data sources and systems. We’ll work with you to create an asset register with data and documents that is supported by cost-effective, streamlined 3D or 2D visualizations, scan views, and more.

An Asset Twin holds critical data on your equipment, systems, and spaces. You’ll know the “what and where” of everything in your building. It can also hold product information like specifications and warranties. With detailed information for systems and equipment, you can easily communicate expected performance to operations teams, giving them the baselines to generate insights for optimizing building performance during operations.

Integrate supervisory information from FM and maintenance Apps, bringing together data relating to open work orders, service history, inspections, lifecycle cost, leasing, etc., providing a 360 degree view of your facility on a single pane of glass. Asset data and documents can be easily accessible for technicians and issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently. You and your vendors can manage and track warranty information and planned maintenance schedules. What’s more, you’ll have a single system of record for your asset lifecycle history.
Whether it’s an occupant engagement to capture service requests or integration with your enterprise systems like financial management, Invicara’s solutions are built on flexible, open APIs that make it easy to share data and optimize your business processes.
As investors and occupants need facilities that support their sustainability goals, an Asset Twin can help you benchmark operational performance against design and as-built data related to the building’s carbon footprint and track material circularity.

Performance Twin

Your Smart Building Supervisor

The Asset Twin can become even more powerful when it is integrated with relevant information produced by other building management processes to create an Performance Twin that acts as your smart building supervisor. While integrations can happen at any time, It would be ideal to plan and implement these integrations during the development phase of the building or infrastructure.

Integrating data from real time systems such as the BMS, Energy meters, Air Quality / Occupancy sensors, Fire safety and Security systems, enables operators to measure, manage and optimize infrastructure performance, utilization, and respond to incidents more effectively.

Custom apps built on the platform can fill gaps in your operations and / or address new use cases to reduce costs, improve service and create new business models.

With all your data unified, you can get unprecedented insights into your building and data to drive decisions that enhance convenience, ensure compliance, improve sustainability and more. Automated fault detection and diagnostics capabilities will enable operators to make proactive interventions that enhances asset and energy performance, occupant comfort and wellness.

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