Digital Twins, built on the Invicara platform, are virtual representations of buildings that manage building information so that it’s accessible on the web. The Invicara platform allows configurable data structures, data sources, document management, workflows, and integrations.

Data is the Key

Buildings produce a lot of information at every stage of their lifecycle. The information ends up in disconnected file systems and databases. Accessing the right information when you need it remains the single biggest challenge to reduce cost and risk and increase efficiency and comfort.

What if you could have a Digital Twin of your building that allows you to integrate all of your building information into one database that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime? What if it could be updated to reflect changes as they happen?

Design documents – drawings or 3D models – are a great foundation for a Digital Twin. They provide the geographic context to what is where in a building. A vast amount of relevant information generated during design, construction and commissioning tends to be disconnected from the design documents. A Digital Twin brings all of that together and allows data generated during operations to be integrated to create a dynamic information model. For owners, this means an open, accessible, and extensible source for building information.

Digital Twins Overview

Invicara | Digital Twins Overview


Streamline project handover

Your Digital Twin creation can start in design and construction, gathering building information from the entire project team.

With complete, reliable information about their building at their fingertips, your FMs can hit the ground running on Day 1 of operations with their maintenance systems in place and their operations programs underway.

They won’t waste time and money gathering the information – a process that could take months or even years.

Create a virtual building manual

With critical data in one place and accessible via the web, you’ll have a virtual building manual filled with detailed data and documents to support your FM and maintenance programs – streamlining asset management and capital planning.

The virtual building manual can also serve as a digital data room to help prospective tenants or buyers streamline due diligence for leases or purchases.

All in a centralised system that is easy-to-access, easy-to-share for internal teams and external suppliers.

A data hub for your building

Your Digital Twin can join data from maintenance, assets, energy, space and project management – enabling information to flow freely to and from the many building systems operations teams oversee, and can help manage a building or an entire portfolio.

Aggregating data from multiple sources also means owners can analyse and leverage that data to get unprecedented insights into their building’s performance and finances.

Key Capabilities

Cloud-based model viewing

gives access to model data to BIM users and non-BIM users alike via a standard web browser.

Intelligent document management and tagging capabilities

enable documents to be uploaded and linked to building assets so that they are easily searchable.

Extended data

means the Invicara platform’s configurable data model can be tailored to each client’s specific business requirements. A Digital Twin can capture design and construction data, asset specifications, maintenance, operational performance and other metrics.

Platform flexibility

means custom web apps and other integrations are possible, expanding the usability of a Digital Twin. The Invicara platform allows you to create custom workflows and security models.

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