The Invicara Platform

No two clients or projects are the same, so we built flexible, configurable technology to accommodate the unique goals and requirements of our clients.

The Invicara platform extends BIM and turns 3D models into information models by adding additional data structures, data sources, workflows, and integrations. With our accessible, extendible, and maintainable technology, the Invicara platform enables data viewing and edits, integrates and associates documents, and acts as a hub for critical building information.

In the end, the platform helps us deliver rich information models that enable data driven workflows to optimize project delivery, capital programs, and building operations.

BIM Assure

BIM Assure is a collaborative, cloud solution that makes BIM data available to everyone on the project team through a web browser. Built on the Invicara platform, BIM Assure’s intelligent rules highlight missing or incorrect data in your models, so you can easily find and fix issues digitally – before things get expensive. BIM Assure helps streamline data management, facilitate smoother handovers and provides access to complete, accurate building information to everyone on the project team.

Whether you’re using models to communicate design intent, get accurate estimates, or handing data over to FM, BIM Assure delivers models you can trust.

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BIM Classify

Invicara sets a solid foundation for data-driven BIM workflows with BIM Classify – collaborative, cloud-based software with authoring tool plug-ins that help modelers accurately and consistently classify their model content.

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Invicara Digital Twins

Digital Twins, built on the Invicara platform, are virtual representations of buildings that collect and store building information so that it’s accessible on the web. The Invicara platform allows configurable data structures, data sources, document management, workflows, and integrations.

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