Our consultants bring years of real-world experience to help designers, builders, and owners achieve their goals. We can create smart, practical building information strategies. And, we deliver results by implementing our products and by leveraging the flexibility of our platform to deliver custom solutions.

Classification Management

Classification of content in design models sets the foundation for data-driven BIM workflows. Invicara’s consultants have a deep understanding of classification systems and their relationships. They work with designers, builders, and owners to establish a classification process to support workflows like design coordination, estimation, procurement, scheduling, asset management, and facility operations. By implementing BIM Classify, Invicara’s consultants help all stakeholders realize the benefit of data from building models.

Model Data Management

Throughout design and construction, it’s critical to gather, manage, and validate data as the project progresses.

For BIM projects, our consultants first engage with all stakeholders to define detailed building information requirements. Next, they define a program to streamline information management: who delivers what information, when, and how. They can configure BIM Assure to streamline model data management and automate data verification and validation.

If there’s a need for an information manager, our consultants can support the project team throughout design and construction to help them deliver high quality data and keep the project on track.

Digital Twin Development

Each client is unique – with different processes, different operational systems, different building types, and different objectives. So, the approach that Invicara’s consultants take is designed to ensure your digital twin fits seamlessly into your business and delivers the results you need.

Invicara’s consultants start by working with all stakeholders in the client organization to define the Digital Twin in a very tangible way.  This means they tailor the digital twin to include both the asset information and related dynamic information from other systems (like work order status, energy utilization, or financial data) to allow our clients to get unprecedented insights to optimize operational performance.

Invicara consultants think beyond 3D models. They can tie together graphics and data from design models with asset specifications, commissioning, operations, and performance; and join that data with documents such as manuals, certifications, photographs, and videos.

They can address downstream workflows, personas, security / permission models and establish requirements for information and data flows.

Digital Twin Integration

Invicara can help integrate the digital twin with existing operational systems to create an information hub for building operations. Through software connectors built using the Invicara platform API’s, the Digital Twin can access and provide information to multiple systems to optimize facilities programs.

Our consultants also help identify key performance metrics produced by facility software and systems. Using the digital twin to aggregate and visualize that information can provide owners with unique insights to transform building operations.

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