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The future of the built environment is seated in the Zero Carbon paradigm.

Driven by regulations and investor sentiment, built assets are no more investable if they do not incorporate technical concepts that will enable an asset owner to achieve net zero carbon. Access to capital, leaseability and long-term value can all be positively influenced through a Digital Twin strategy.

Digital Twin solutions built on the platform, enables unification of information, and data driven insights. integrates asset information from project handover with real-time operational data, eliminating information silos.

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Leveraging ESG to increase investment

Asset classes owned for the long term, either by real estate funds or occupiers of the assets, are highly sensitive to ESG considerations.

Developers can make their developments attractive to a larger pool of investors with a Digital Twin strategy. The extensibility and adaptability of solutions built on will enable the asset owner to realise all their use cases that rely on facility data. The Digital Twin can also be leveraged for marketing and due diligence, to improve transaction velocity.

Digital Twins lead to lowered costs and better yields

Solutions built on improve plant performance, reduces energy use, diminishes unplanned downtime and increase equipment life.

Analytics and anomaly detection prompt the attention of building managers to make pro active interventions that Improve comfort and wellness of occupants.

Energy and wellness improves the ESG ratings of the asset, further enhancing the attractiveness of the asset to future investors.

Real-time dashboards, role based user interfaces

Bringing together data needed to address use cases that you care about, allows your solutions to be customised. The ability to compose data models, data sources, business rules and user configurations provide you with a bespoke digital twin, delivering outcomes that matter to you.

Composing user groups flexibly as needed, the solution supports role based user interfaces that define the interaction of different stakeholders with the system, making the Digital Twin very contextual and easy to use.

You may progressively evolve the solution or build new solutions leveraging shared data sets, providing you with a Digital Twin platform for digital transformation. Digital Twins are driving efficiency for Developers

  • Access to a larger pool of capital with a future proof product that will increase ESG scores.
  • Frictionless hand over from contractors at the end of every capital project.
  • Support transaction due diligence with compelling and complete data.
  • Increase asset value through higher projected yield for investors by enabling:
    • Tenant attraction and retention through superior occupant experience
    • Delivery of operational excellence on a tight budget
    • Extended useful lifespan of assets and equipment
    • Reduced energy utilisation and increase equipment uptime with automated fault detection and diagnostics
    • Easy integration with third party systems for portfolio management.

Digital Twins are transforming the built environment

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