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Our partners drive innovation in design, construction and operations, delivering better outcomes for developers, asset owners, occupiers, and operators of buildings and infrastructure assets. We built Twinit as a platform, to empower our partners to translate their domain knowledge into customised Digital Twin solutions for their clients. Solutions built by our partners on top of Twinit, are their own branded offerings and they own the IP they create.

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Your journey with digital twins

Twinit does not treat Digital Twins as products that have a fixed set of features. It allows our partners to engineer customised solutions in the context of their own business models, to address the problems their clients want solved. Your Digital Twin solutions can be a deliverable, or they can be utilised as the vehicle to provide professional services. We know that the best Digital Twin solutions are built and used by those who have a deep understanding of the domain, and are already embedded in the process of design, construction or operations of built assets.

Twinit Digital Twins are driving efficiency for our Partners

  • Make Digital Twins part of your client conversations
  • Raise the bar and enhance your competitive edge
  • Monetise the data you product and manage on projects
  • Stay engaged with your projects and generate lifecycle revenue streams

We are transforming how you create solutions for the build environment.

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