Agility and performance

Accelerating educations journey to autonomous

Educational institutions battle with the need to modernise ageing facilities whilst also adding new modern facilities.

Regulations are driving the need to achieve net zero carbon, improved well-being and productivity of students and staff. This is often extremely challenging when operating budgets are constrained. The ability to unify information, eliminating data silos to allow access to accurate and contextual facility data is the only realistic way achieve these goals.

Invicara provide configurable Digital Twin solutions built on the Twinit platform. Twinit integrates asset information from project handover with real-time operational data delivering a single pane of glass view of the data eliminating information silos. Ensuring that your educational facility meets the demands of agility and high performance. With the ability to rapidly generate custom APIs for connecting with third party technologies, provides seamless integration into your business processes to manage costs and deliver operational excellence.

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The leading digital twin platform

Bringing together data needed to address use cases that you care about, Twinit allows your solutions to be customised. The ability to compose data models, data sources, business rules and user configurations provide you with a bespoke digital twin, delivering outcomes that matter to you.

Composing user groups flexibly as needed, the solution supports role based user interfaces that define the interaction of different stakeholders with the system, making the Digital Twin very contextual and easy to use.

You may progressively evolve the solution or build new solutions leveraging shared data sets, providing you with a Digital Twin platform for digital transformation.

Twinit Digital Twins are driving efficiency in Education

  • Twinit captures all operationally relevant information from capital projects in an associative information model, to bootstrap operational planning and readiness.
  • Twinit provides ready access to “as maintained” asset information. avoiding costly mistakes due to inaccessible, delayed or inaccurate information.
  • Twinit solves the problem of ageing data silos and diverse supply chains, delivering contextual data for seamless operational workflows and compliance reporting.
  • Twinit integrates with enterprise applications such as maintenance management and BMS, creating a single pane of glass view to deliver better learning environments for students and works spaces for faculty.
  • Twinit fault detection and diagnostics reduce energy use, increase equipment uptime and useful life span, while ensuring consistent indoor environmental conditions.
  • Proactive maintenance is achieved using Twinit's fault detection analytics to eliminate any energy waste, reduce energy utilisation, increase equipment uptime and life span.
  • Twinit is a learning platform for students to research building design and performance, over the whole building lifecycle.

Improve trust and transparency

  • Access to accurate and complete datasets, eliminating information silos
  • Evidence progress and compliance
  • Ensure data provenance and integrity

Reduce inefficiency and waste

  • Improve equipment performance and asset life
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce energy use

Enhance sustainability and wellbeing

  • Enhance occupant experience and wellness
  • Optimize indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Manage circularity
  • Journey to Net Zero Carbon through embodied and operational carbon analysis

Enable monitoring and action

  • Single pane of glass for the entire development down to equipment level
  • Anomaly detection and alerts across systems and equipment
  • Implement and track Operational KPI’s
  • Integrate to enterprise systems for seamless workflows

Digital Twins are transforming how you manage Education assets

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Invicara brings you Twinit, a platform for others to build on top

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