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Building Resilient Infrastructure

Accelerating ROAD & RAIL'S journey to digital twin

Access to asset information relating to materials, durability, engineering properties, commissioning information, functionality requirements, and design principles, reduces uncertainty and risk.

Operators of road and rail networks require unified information across information silos, access to updated design principles, and insights into vulnerabilities. All of which are key drivers to improving performance, safety and availability of infrastructure systems.

Invicara provide configurable Digital Twin solutions built on the Twinit platform enabling unification of information, access to design principles and data driven insights. Twinit integrates asset information from project handover with real-time operational data, eliminating information silos. Twinit provides seamless integration into your business processes to deliver operational excellence and reduce uncertainty.

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The leading digital twin platform

Bringing together data needed to address use cases that you care about, Twinit allows your solutions to be customised. The ability to compose data models, data sources, business rules and user configurations provide you with a bespoke digital twin, delivering outcomes that matter to you.

Composing user groups flexibly as needed, the solution supports role based user interfaces that define the interaction of different stakeholders with the system, making the Digital Twin very contextual and easy to use.

You may progressively evolve the solution or build new solutions leveraging shared data sets, providing you with a Digital Twin platform for digital transformation. Digital Twins are driving efficiency in Road & Rail

  • Twnit Digital Twins for road and rail infrastructure capture all operationally relevant information in an associative information model during the development phase of a capital project, and helps deliver day one operational readiness.
  • Twinit solves the problem of unknown design principles and by providing ready access to the “as maintained” asset information, they help avoid costly mistakes caused by delayed, incomplete or incorrect information
  • Twinit integrates with enterprise applications such as maintenance management and SCADA systems to create a single pane of glass view to information, eliminating data silos and delivering contextual data for seamless operational workflows.
  • Twinit fault detection and diagnostics reduce energy use, increase equipment uptime and useful life span, while reducing risks.

Improve trust and transparency

  • Access to accurate and complete datasets
  • Evidence progress and compliance
  • Ensure data provenance and integrity

Reduce inefficiency and waste

  • Improve equipment performance and asset life
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce energy use

Enhance sustainability and wellbeing

  • Manage circularity
  • Journey to Net Zero Carbon through embodied and operational carbon analysis

Enable monitoring and action

  • Single pane of glass for the entire development down to equipment level
  • Automate anomaly detection and alerts across systems and equipment
  • Implement and track Operational KPI’s
  • Integrate to third party solutions for seamless workflows across systems

Digital Twins are transforming how you manage Road & Rail infrastructure.

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Invicara brings you Twinit, a platform for others to build on top

Enabling solutions and products, that transform how assets are designed, built and operated

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