Handover Isn’t Only About Healthcare FM Data, It’s About Day 1 Operational Readiness

In Summary:

  • Handover of building data for Healthcare FM seems to run in excess of 12 months.
  • Early CMMS implementation can allow training before operations even begins.


Would you get on a plane if the pilot had just been given the user’s manual five minutes before take-off? I know I wouldn’t! Think about the same situation for a hospital. The project team hands the owners the keys to the facility and, on day 1 of operations, we expect the FM team to be able to safely and efficiently run that building with little or no building information.

In July, more than 3,700 healthcare FM professionals gathered in Seattle at the 2018 ASHE Annual Conference to network, learn, and find new solutions to support facilities within the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

One of the key themes throughout the event was the challenge of getting timely, detailed, and relevant BIM data prior to occupancy. It’s a challenge that all FMs and owners face in healthcare facilities. And it’s one that we have to solve to improve maintenance, streamline facility accreditation, and protect patient health and safety.

Marty Chobot
Marty ChobotVP of Marketing

It was clear that the overwhelming majority of the audience received their building data 12 months or more after handover.

Getting complete, reliable data for Healthcare FM

At ASHE, I had the privilege of moderating the panel discussion “How to Get Complete, Reliable FM Data from Design and Construction.” The panel featured industry experts Tim Luke, CEO, Basepin; Bruce Mace, Facilities Director, UCSF Medical Center; George McFerron, Manager of Facilities Operations, Arkansas Children’s Hospital NW; and Mark Mergenschroer, BIM Application Specialist, Bernhard TME. We had a great turnout of healthcare FM professionals – around 150-200 attendees. We were excited to discuss industry issues with BIM data, share examples of what happens when BIM data projects go right, and how we got there.

I began the discussion with a quick poll of the audience. I asked how many attendees had ever received their building data prior to day 1. One person raised their hand. I kept asking the same question for different time increments – how many received their data within 1 to 6 months? A few more hands. Six to 12? Only a few more. Ultimately, it was clear that the overwhelming majority of the audience received their building data 12 months or more after handover! Right now, getting the information needed for healthcare FM takes far too long.

During the presentation, George shared the airplane analogy with the audience as he discussed BIM data deliverables and handover. His point: if you haven’t fully implemented your FM software before handover, you could be missing critical maintenance activities, creating accreditation issues, and potentially even putting patients at risk.

Healthcare FM data leads to day 1 operational readiness

So how do we improve the delivery of BIM data?  Mark and George shared their strategy and process for the Arkansas Children’s Hospital NW project. They explained how their team had the CMMS up and running before operations, using it as a training tool for the team. As part of his workflow, Mark used BIM Assure to check model data during design and construction modeling.  BIM Assure helped them find data issues and set the stage for early CMMS implementation. As a result, their team had access to the software and were learning about the systems and equipment prior to day 1.  They achieved full operational readiness prior to the first patient ever setting foot in the building!

My key takeaway from the conference? Healthcare facilities professionals have a huge issue with getting quality information about their buildings. Information which is critically important to the health and safety of patients. This validates the work that Invicara does every day to help clients get complete, reliable BIM data to maximize building operations.

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