Are Digital Asset Twins a Natural Outcome of Early Planning?

In Summary:

  • Barriers to BIM prevent ‘Day One Readiness’ at handover between the capital and operations phases.
  • Using verified and validated BIM models as a seed, Digital Twins can become the unified repository of building information for its entire lifecycle.
Anand Mecheri
Anand MecheriCEO

Thoughts from Invicara’s BILT ASIA 2018 Roundtable 

This year, Invicara had the privilege of sponsoring BILT Asia at the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore on April 5-7. BILT continues to be a global leader in BIM education, operating on the belief that those who work daily within the built environment industry are the best placed to train others in the critical knowledge and skill sets required for excellence.

Invicara held an invite only roundtable for owners and firms that act as owner’s rep’s. Together at the roundtable, we explored how BIM can be made meaningful for owners and how they may leverage the process to get better outcomes during capital phase and for operations.

World-wide BIM Barriers and Solutions

We kicked off the roundtable presenting learnings that Invicara has gained from engagements with owners around the world in regard to their expectations from BIM and barriers to success. We discussed the notion of “Day one readiness” and the value of getting all of the information needed to operate and maintain the facilities verified, validated and aggregated as a natural outcome of the capital phase rather than after the fact, which presents the following challenges:

  • Costly and time-consuming
  • Heavy lifting of the required information
  • Results in asset and maintenance management systems getting up and running 12 – 18 months after the facility handover

In contrast, we outlined Invicara’s vision and technology platform that enables full operational readiness on day one following handover. For example, using verified and validated BIM models as a seed, the notion of a “Digital Asset Twin” was discussed. Built during the capital phase on the Invicara platform, it becomes the unified repository of building information connecting to all of systems that need building information to operate the building and related business processes.

Built during the capital phase on the Invicara platform, the Digital Twin becomes the unified repository of building information.

Driving Change

The idea of a Digital Asset Twin, developed as a natural outcome of the capital phase, resonated strongly with the owners who attended the round table. They recognized that “day one readiness” and the ability to leverage the Digital Asset Twin would greatly benefit them. Owners recognized the cost, effort and lost opportunity with the delays in getting operationally ready with all systems on day one. They also highlighted the value of being able to access all of the relevant information quickly from anywhere at any time was highly beneficial and remains a significant challenge today. They also expressed concern about how ready their organizations were to adopt such technology and practices, but recognized the need to get on the bus and drive the change. They felt that the capital projects team of the owner is best placed to drive the process.

Many perspectives were shared and the discussion was lively with a very positive outcome in raising the awareness to the topic.

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