Digital Twin Solutions for Capital Projects

Unlock the Potential of BIM Data for Project Delivery and Handover

A Pragmatic Approach to Information Management

At Invicara we help owners and project teams structure, gather, and validate facility information throughout the project lifecycle.

The results are amazing: better information helps project teams leverage BIM data for a wide range of workflows and helps owners get a complete, usable handover for operations.

Information Strategy

A Road Map for Digital Transformation

Capital projects and operations are preparing for digital transformation. Having the right information will drive success.

During our discovery process, our consultants help you identify the information you need to achieve data driven outcomes for development management, and to maintain and manage the lifecycle of equipment and fixtures, manage spaces, enhance wellness, and optimize energy performance and sustainability of your facility. We’ll help you find opportunities for cost reduction and process improvement.

We’ll give you actionable information requirements and delivery plans to help everyone on your projects stay on track.

We’ll help you create an information strategy tailored to your goals. You’ll find immediate ways to realise value and you’ll build a foundation for ongoing digital transformation.

Project Twin

Planning for Performance

In a building’s capital phase, Invicara’s information managers create a Project Twin that joins BIM and other data sources. We work with you and your project team to ensure all targeted information is gathered during design, construction, and commissioning. The data is validated and made available for use by various solutions.

The Project Twin allows graphics, data to be extracted from 3D models into a data-centric platform that enables development of bespoke solutions, analytics and dashboards.

BIM Classify enables you to implement a “Classification” strategy, so project models can be understood by software systems for quantification, cost estimation, scheduling and sustainability analysis. Using classifications, model content can be reliably associated with other non-model data and documents within a Digital Twin solution.

BIM Assure enables you to define, collect and validate completeness and quality of data in the project models and other data sources.

At project handover, Invicara can convert the Project twin into an Asset Twin for operations. Now, project managers can streamline the handover process and transform how they deliver information.

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