BIM Data Success Stories at ASHE

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  • ASHE will offer some great insights into projects led by better BIM management by some of the best in the field.


Marty Chobot
Marty ChobotVP of Marketing

We’ve talked for a while about the problems our industry has with BIM data. That’s why I’m excited to share three success stories about BIM at the upcoming ASHE show in Seattle. What happens when BIM data projects go right?  And how do you get there?  The industry veterans we’ve gathered for a presentation at ASHE will tell you.

What happens when BIM data projects go right?  And how do you get there?

Best in Class

Tim Luke kicks things off.  He’s the co-founder of Basepin, a consulting and technology firm that specializes in digital data and BIM management. With 45 years in the industry under his belt, Tim’s a true believer in the power of technology for construction. He’s going to talk about how BIM led to lower risk exposure for all stakeholders and a more collaborative working environment on his Seattle Children’s Hospital Building Cure and the 18th Avenue Medical building projects.

Bruce Mace will share his experiences on the UCSF Precision Cancer Center project, where he and his team had a “5% model” goal for the data during construction. Changing the team culture around BIM wasn’t easy, but they were able to specify BIM output to seamlessly feed and integrate their CMMS.

At Arkansas Children’s Northwest, George McFerron led the team that implemented their CMMS system eight months BEFORE the building was even opened.  On day one of occupancy, they had 1,700 work orders and 2,500 assets already recorded – and they were Joint Commission compliant!  Now that’s a success story!

Mark Mergenschroer earned the nickname “BIM Yoda” years ago for good reason.  With 22 years of construction and engineering design experience, he is a former Revit MEP Gunslinger and Revit Alpha and Beta Tester. He’s the guy who creates the workflows and processes that make it all come together.  Mark will talk about data collection and validation and his work on the Arkansas Children’s Northwest project.

I’m really thankful Invicara could help all of these great projects meet their data goals and I’m excited to share some good news about BIM data projects.  Headed to the ASHE show in Seattle?  Come see us! Click here to find out more.

Tuesday, July 17 at 3:15 PM in rooms 606 and 607 at the ASHE show. 

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