Accurately, Consistently Classify Model Data

BIM Classify

Invicara sets a solid foundation for data-driven BIM workflows with BIM Classify – collaborative, cloud-based software with authoring tool plug-ins that help modelers accurately and consistently classify their model content.

Know Your Stuff

BIM Classify | Know Your Stuff

Help your entire team consistently classify elements – so you know what’s in your models.

Speak Any Language

BIM Classify | Speak Any Language

Encode content in multiple systems to support a wide range of applications.

Data Workflows That Work

BIM Classify | Data Workflows That Work

Consistent data means you get more value from BIM for workflows like estimating, planning, or handover.

BIM Classify Capabilities

Cloud-based Administration

helps set up, manage and extend classification systems for all team members across multiple projects and locations.

Mapping Rules

reduce classification time and effort by giving modelers classification recommendations for their model elements.

Classification Systems

let project teams use industry standards like MasterFormat, Uniformat, OmniClass, and Uniclass or create custom systems.


map classifications across systems – so modelers can quickly and easily classify elements for multiple systems in one step.

Easy as 1, 2, 3…

BIM Classify’s workflow is simple:

  1. Administrators set up classification systems, mapping rules and equivalences in the BIM Classify web app.
  2. Modelers use the BIM Classify Revit plugin to consistently and accurately classify their model content.
  3. BIM data users get accurate data for estimates, quantity takeoffs, asset management and more.
BIM Classify Process
BIM Classify Process

First Class Services

At Invicara, we know that every firm has unique requirements and workflows. That’s why Invicara offers a blend of expertise and technology to create solutions that help you optimize your building information.

We’re there to lead if you need us

Invicara’s consultants have dozens of years of industry experience in AECO workflows. We can help you define your classification standards, set up mapping rules, and classify elements from different systems – you’ll know what’s in your models in no time! We’re happy to partner with you and your team, guiding projects and deliverables.

We’ll train your team

If you want your team to manage BIM Classify, no problem! It’s simple to set up and use, and we will train your team to help you get started.

Our goal? To help you deliver business value from your BIM data.

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We’ll help you leverage information to find new ways to reduce costs, streamline your business processes, and improve performance.

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