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BIM Assure

Invicara unlocks BIM with BIM Assure – collaborative, cloud-based software that helps owners and project teams work together to create complete, reliable model data.

Unlock BIM Data

BIM Assure | Focus On What Matters

Decouple data management from modeling – so non-BIM users like engineers or project managers can enter and update data.

Get Reliable Data

BIM Assure | Unlock BIM Data

BIM Assure helps verify and validate data deliverables at each milestone. Dashboards show data quality at a glance.

Share Data

BIM Assure | Share Data

Easily export building data to Excel for analysis, to share with other stakeholders, or to import into other systems.

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

BIM Assure’s workflow is simple:

  1. Publish directly from your BIM authoring tools to BIM Assure
  2. Use our templates or create your own rules to find and fix data issues. Anyone on the team can view and manage data
  3. In the authoring tool, sync the fixes back into the original model.
Invicara | BIM Assure Overview

Key Capabilities

Cloud Based Model Viewing (2D/3D)

BIM Assure gives modelers and non-modelers alike visibility into building data from a standard web browser – a key component of successful project teams.

  • Navigate models easily with an intuitive 3D viewer
  • Access elements and data in plan views and sheets with the interactive 2D viewer
  • Search and easily find content and data in your models

Revit Integration and Data Sync

A direct integration between BIM Assure and Revit enables a seamless workflow with your modeling team.

  • Publish models directly from Revit into BIM Assure
  • Sync BIM Assure data with model data to ensure you are working with complete, accurate building data
  • Find and fix issues found by BIM Assure in Revit before construction

IFC Support

With IFC support, you can check data from a wide range of tools throughout design and construction.

  • Federate IFC files
  • Publish IFC files to BIM Assure
  • Use BIM Assure analyses to find missing or incorrect information
  • Run detailed issue reports from BIM Assure to find and fix issues

Element Classification

The BIM Assure normalization process can help you know what content is in your model – and what isn’t yet classified.

  • Target rules, build queries, and generate reports consistently, regardless of the content source
  • Classify your model content to BIM Assure’s dictionary automatically
  • Highlight elements that don’t contain classification data (OmniClass or Uniclass) and map unclassified content

Data Viewing and Editing

Many times it’s non-modelers that manage building data. BIM Assure unlocks this data for viewing and editing by everyone on the project team.

  • Decouple data management from modeling
  • Create new workflows for model data management

Rules and Analyses

BIM Assure lets you create your own rules to check model data against your project’s requirements and make sure the data meets your expectations.

  • Automate and streamline data validation
  • See analysis results at a glance
  • Help the team find and fix issues with powerful data management tools and detailed issue reporting


With the slices capability in BIM Assure you can create collections of building elements and data, so you can focus on the information that matters.

  • Isolate selected elements in the 3D model viewer and in 2D views
  • Select properties for the data grid to focus data management
  • Highlight data issues in the data grid with validators
  • Add and edit values in the data grid


The reporting capabilities in BIM Assure let you export data and issue reports to Excel for quick organization, analysis and sharing of important information.

  • Document and communicate issues to the modeler team with the Issue reports feature
  • Export building information easily to Excel for analysis, to share with other departments, and to import into other systems with the Data reports feature
  • Customize and format reports quickly with the Report templates feature


Intuitive dashboards allow you to quickly check model quality across models and teams.

  • See how much data analysis your team has done at a glance
  • Visualize model data quality over time, across models, etc.

Your Success Assured


BIM Assure is designed to be simple to set up and use. From setting up projects, to configuring rules, to managing BIM content and team members – you’ll be ready to roll in no time.

Jumpstart with templates:

You don’t have to start from scratch every time! BIM Assure allows you to create a library of analysis templates that you can reuse across projects to address a wide range of BIM data needs. From common checks for day-to-day model data issues to robust templates targeted at specific workflows, BIM Assure’s templates will help you realize value quickly.

We’re There When You Need Us:

The BIM Assure application services team is staffed by skilled industry consultants with dozens of years of experience in AECO workflows. When you need support or training, we’ll be ready.

Our goal? You’ll get better BIM data right out of the gate!

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