Deliver Higher Quality Data and Minimize Data Management Efforts by 90%

In Summary:

  • Using BIM Assure, Hensel Phelps were able to improve FM data quality and optimised data management for the SFO International Airport Terminal 1 Renovation.
  • Normally, project handover of data to owners would have taken several months.


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Marty Chobot
Marty ChobotVP of Marketing

BIM Assure Case Study – SFO International Airport Project with Hensel Phelps

As one of the largest general contractors and construction managers, and the top airport construction firm in the United States, Hensel Phelps leads the industry in the successful delivery of projects for both the public and private sectors. They provide real estate development, construction, and facilities management services to support client needs. In this BIM Assure case study, you’ll learn how Hensel Phelps improved FM data quality and dramatically reduced their data management efforts.

In 2015, Hensel Phelps began work on the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Terminal 1 Center Renovation construction project. With 820,000 square feet and an estimated completion date in 2022, the project owners and facilities managers (FM) included an extensive list of data mandates for handover. To ensure the team would collect accurate, meaningful data throughout the project, Hensel Phelps turned to Invicara’s BIM Assure.

With complex data expectations, delivering a complete model through manual data entry and validation is a monumental task.


At the onset of the project, the owners provided handover requirements that included gradual BIM data entry throughout project milestones. With complex data expectations, delivering a complete model through manual data entry and validation is a monumental task.

In the past, Carl and Monty had entered all FM required BIM data at the end of a project. This method of data delivery can cause major delays, Carl notes. “For a previous project, after completion, the owner requested that we enter FM data into the model to integrate with their CAFM system. It took the team nearly nine months to pull together the desired data, create and edit model content where needed, and manually quality check the data in the model.” This laborious process influenced Carl’s support of a gradual delivery method for BIM data.

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