Boost Model Data Quality with New Health Check Rules

In Summary:

  • Simple models have thousands of elements and modeling tools just don’t give you an efficient way to check your data.
  • BIM Assure provides a way to quickly and reliably verify and correct your data.


Marty Chobot
Marty ChobotVP of Marketing

Maintaining model data quality is essential to a project’s success. From early design to project handover, dozens of project team members rely on accurate model data to successfully deliver a project on time and within budget.

But building models are complicated and constantly change as a project evolves. While every project is different, even simple models have thousands of elements and modeling tools just don’t give you an efficient way to check your data, so it’s easy to enter incorrect information and overlook critical data that’s missing.

Invicara understands the need for model data quality and we’re here to help. This week, we’re excited to announce our new integrated health check offer – we’ll take one of your models and run rules that find common issues in a model and help you to avoid major problems downstream. In the health check, we put together a sample set of rules for:

  • Architectural models
  • MEP models
  • Structural models

Improving Deliverables for Architects

Better design models mean better construction documents. Architects can check their models to find issues like missing finish details in rooms or missing specification data for building elements like walls or doors.

Better Models for Engineers

MEP modelers can find issues like equipment that isn’t connected to systems or associated with a circuit number. Structural engineers can make sure structural elements are properly classified.

Invicara | Model Data Quality - Accurate Data

Accurate element data is critical for good construction documents

Invicara | Model Data Quality - Problems for Planning

Improperly specified walls in design models can cause problems for estimating and project planning

Reliable Design Models for Contractors

Want to use models as part of your estimating and bidding? Check design models to make sure elements are classified properly for good QTO. Need to deliver BIM data to your owners? The health check can help you make sure your handover models meet your client’s expectations.

Simplifying Project Delivery for Owners

Unlock BIM models for visibility into the building design and products. Maintenance planners can look for missing information, like equipment manufacturer and model numbers, that’s required for handover or project managers can find common issues that can lead to RFI’s.

Even simple models have thousands of elements and modeling tools just don’t give you an efficient way to check your data.

Improve Your Model Data Quality Today!

Have a model you’d like checked? Send us your model and we’ll publish, run the rules and share the results with you.

Contact us today to learn more!

Join Our Webinar!

Interested in learning how BIM Assure improves model data quality? In this brief, 30 minute webinar, we’ll give you an overview of the Model Health Check and how to get your model checked.

Date & Time: March 21st, 2 PM EDT

Speakers: Brian K. Smith, Invicara Application Services

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