About Invicara

Our Goals

Our mission is simple — help our clients create and manage data-rich digital buildings.

Our vision is a smarter industry that uses richer, more accurate information to drive efficiency for the entire ecosystem of the built environment.

The Invicara team is made up of senior industry leaders and entrepreneurs with deep experience in every phase of the building lifecycle.  From locations around the globe, we invoke our extensive knowledge in the building industry and in launching and managing software companies to bring our vision to life.

Our Story

Invicara is actively supporting building owners and project teams in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, India and Singapore.

We provide consulting services and develop technology to digitize design, construction and operations of the built environment.  Our solutions are routinely engaged by global design and construction firms to fulfill their digital transformation initiatives.  A recent $10 million-dollar investment by Kingspan Group supports our strategic intent to build new workflows between designers and manufacturers.

Value for the entire ecosystem of the built environment


Turnkey solutions to transform capital project and building operations.

AEC Firms

Move from BIM to rich information models to start your firm’s digital transformation jouney.


New ways to engage with designers, partners and customers to best position your products and services.

Aaron Bridwell
Aaron BridwellDir. of Customer Success
AJ comes to Invicara with a deep history in the Design software arena starting back to the early days of both Autodesk AutoCAD V1.3 and Intergraph Microstation. His work on huge and varied design and construction projects have spanned the globe and put him in key roles for technologies on those projects.

In the last couple of years he has focused on developing BIM (Building Information Modelling) from the aspect for the owner of the finished handover project. AJ has been a guest speaker at events focusing on BIM for Fabrication, IPD, and Lean Construction practices using BIM.

AJ is an avid body builder and thoroughly enjoys the ancient event of Cheese Rolling!

Angie Salazar
Angie SalazarDir. Software Development
Angie joins Invicara with nearly 15 years of software development experience providing global solutions and services in many industries such as, Automotive, Defense, Insurance and Technology.

Angie’s expertise and passion are in people management, process management, project management, quality assurance, agile methodologies and organizational transformation. She has held these roles in many companies working with cross-functional and multi-locational teams.

Marty Chobot
Marty ChobotVP of Marketing
Marty has helped bring technology products to market for 22 years. Prior to joining Invicara, he served in marketing, product management and business development roles for a wide range of software companies and founded two consulting firms focused on serving technology companies.

Marty works with customers to understand their needs and challenges. He then helps the Invicara team translate that knowledge into compelling stories, effective products, and ultimately, successful customers.

Matthew Sulhoff
Matthew SulhoffDirector, Application Services
Matthew Sulhoff

Two common themes distinguish Matthew’s career: serving design and construction professionals and evangelizing and implementing BIM.

For over 20 years, he has helped clients develop BIM processes that employ the strength of technology to support the ingenuity of people, helping firms deliver significant business results.

A veteran instructor with hundreds of classes taught, Matthew is a frequent speaker at Autodesk University where he teaches effective training skills.

A registered interior designer, he has extensive experience designing laboratories, scientific buildings, and award-winning corporate interiors. Matthew received a BS in Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology with two minors in programming.

Scott Mollon
Scott MollonDirector, Product Mgmt & QA
Scott Mollon

Scott is a proven Quality Assurance professional with more than fourteen years’ experience in Quality Assurance and software development. His passion for creating high quality products has led to experience serving in many disciplines beyond quality assurance such as project management, product design, customer support, and technical publications. Scott has applied a strong eye for detail and user experience to validating products ranging from desktop CAD applications to enterprise data management and cloud PLM solutions.

As a quality assurance manager, he has built and managed global cross functional teams delivering quality software to users worldwide.

AmoghSr. Software Architect
Amogh Chitnis

Amogh has been designing and implementing software since 1998 at companies such as Siemens, Prudential and BMC Software. Amogh has a strong interest in designing and building frameworks for distributed systems.

Amogh lives with his family in Singapore.

AndrewSoftware Engineer
Andrew Elenbogen

Andrew recently returned from Minnesota where he graduated from Carleton College with a degree in Computer Science. Prior to this, he spent every summer writing Java and Javascript as part of Software Engineering internships for a variety of companies around and within Ann Arbor. Andrew strives to write code that is modifiable, readable, and easy to work with, not merely code that works.

Andrew spends most of his free time playing games of one sort or another. He plays Magic: The Gathering at the competitive level and has won about $4,500 over the last four years. Additionally, he has been to both Brussels and Hawaii for the Magic Pro Tour. Andrew also enjoys Coup, Hanabi, Splendor,and a variety of other strategy games. When he’s not gaming, Andrew can usually be found reading fantasy novels or debating the quality of action movies.

BalajiSr. Product Manager
Balaji Saravanan

I enjoy adventures of the intellectual sort, such as, I love my math and always like to read things that are technical or otherwise. I try to utilize my experiences as a field engineer to provide alternate perspectives when solving problems as a Program Manager.

I love reading books, listening to music and adventure sports.

BrianConsultant, Application Services
Brian K. Smith

Brian has been a part of the AEC/O industry focused in CAD/BIM for more than 25 years as he has progressed through technical and consulting roles.

Starting as a CAD technician early on, he progressed to CAD/BIM Manager for several AEC firms before fulfilling roles as CAD/BIM instructor, consultant, project manager and team leader for large Autodesk reseller’s services divisions.

Brian’s passion for innovation, service offerings and solutions consulting is what has led him to Invicara where he is a Consultant in Application Services.

CorySoftware Engineer
Cory VanHooser

Leaving his academic career with degrees in both Software Engineering and Mathematics from University of Michigan – Dearborn in 2014, he has been applying them ever since in the field of software development.

During his time at university and post graduation Cory worked professionally developing multiple enterprise web applications for large automotive customers such as Chrysler, Dodge, and Fiat. Cory has a passion for solving complex problems and is dedicated to finding not just “a solution”, but “the best solution”.

His free time consists of listening to podcasts/lectures/audiobooks, reading literature, writing on various philosophical topics, and exploring all forms of music and dance independently as well as their conjunction.

DillibabuSr. Product Manager
Dillibabu Madhanasekaran

My friends call me DB, I have worked mainly in the area of projects related to industrial processes and building automation. I firmly believe in customization and going beyond the customers expectations for better delivery.

While not at work, I enjoy playing with my kids when at home.

Fan Rong
Fan RongSr. Software Engineer
Fan Rong

Most of my career has been spent in software design and development, I can’t image what I would do if one day I’m too old to do it anymore. I find software design and development a lot of fun.

Outside of Invicara, there are still a lot of things waiting for me to explore. I’m a very passionate and curious person, and I look forward to the journey ahead.

GopinathSr. HR Executive
Gopinath Munirathinam

I am very friendly in nature and would easily adopt in any circumstances. Having nearly 7 years of experience in Recruitment and worked with one of the leading IT product company called “Trimble”.

I am from Tiruvallur and it is a famous religious spot surround by lots of temples. I am passionate about learning new things and understanding people. I love reading motivational books and a great fan of Robin Sharma books.

I love playing foosball and a champion in my previous organization.

HariApplication Services Engineer
Hari Hara Prasad

Started his career on L&T Design & Built team where experienced around 5 years on architectural designs, area functional, safe and economical on design, construction technologies BIM strategy design for interdisciplinary workflow and implementation, green building adviser, ISO audits, & EMS (engineering management system) that meet the needs of the client.

I feel that my three greatest strengths for my career in Architecture are firstly my ability to have a clear understanding of the needs. Secondly the satisfaction I get from being involved in a building project. Finally my passion for being involved in creating new ideas that could last for decades and knowing that they will make a positive impact on peopleís lives and the environment

HarlanSr DevOps Architect
Harlan Barnes

Harlan is a hands-on infrastructure architect with strong solution-oriented focus. He has nearly 20 years in infrastructure roles with increasingly more responsibility and management of resources.

Harlan has over 10 years of working directly with Development, QA and Product groups to design and deliver agile operations processes for improved delivery of production applications.

JohnSr. Software Architect
John Harding

John has been involved with computers since 1981 when his family got a Sinclair ZX-81 with 1K of memory that stored programs on audio cassette. He studied Computer Science at University of Manchester and has worked in the indsutry for more than 20 years. He’s worked at large companies like Ford and Thomson Reuters as well as several small start-ups (one of which, Current Motors, he co-founded to make two wheeled EVs). He’s worked with everything from COBOL and FORTRAN through to today’s web technologies. He’s also worked on code for mainframes to micro-controllers and everything in between. He’s worked and lead teams for complex engineering software, in-house business systems, shrink-wrapped software and consumer focused web applications. This breadth of experience brings a unique “big picture” view to the design and architecture of complex software systems that comprise of many distinct subsystems.

Outside of work he enjoys travelling, auto-racing (participating in on-line sim-racing and watching F1) and hanging out with his family. He’s also usually tinkering with microcontrollers and single board computers for some project or another.

KuolinSoftware Architect
Kuolin Fung

Kuolin is a software architect focused on web development. For the last nine years he worked at Emdeon, a leader in clearing house and revenue cycle products for the healthcare industry. His role in Emdeon started with electronic claiming suites. Kuolin’s passion for solving problems led him to building out the Web 2.0 features of his product to support remittance reconciliation. In recent years he has focused on the patient encounter side of things and led a team in building workflow tools with dashboards and reports to support hospitals’ processes.

Outside of work, he enjoys travelling, playing tennis and spending time with family and friends.

RaviManager F&A
Ravi Ramachandran

I am a simple, nature loving and self-motivated person who is easy to understand and get along with. Vegetarian food, gadgets, photography, family and Invicara form an integral part of my day.

I am fortunate enough to have lovely people around me, which keeps me happy and smiling most of the time. I connect with people almost instantly and my openness has provided me new friends wherever I go.

SathishSr. Engineer
Sathish VM

I am Mechanical Engineer having 6 years of progressively professional experience in Advanced AEC specialized in BIM Digital prototyping.

I worked for various clients across globe such as USA, UK, and Australia in field of BIM. Certified
Professional in Autodesk Revit. Having Extensive knowledge of 3D modelling MEP equipment’s and
Software Knowledge of mechanical principles and general BIM implementation processes.

I love watching movies, listening to music, sports and outing with family and friends.

SenthilkumarIT Manager

Senthil has more than 15 years’ experience in IT Network & Administration in various companies, including iMetrex Technologies & Siemens. Prior to joining Invicara, Senthil was IT Service Delivery manager at Aots. He has strong IT infrastructure management experience.

Senthil is a fun loving person, enjoys long drives and likes to play table tennis.

Srinivasan K
Srinivasan KSoftware QA Engineer
Srinivasan Kasirajan

Srini joins the Invicara Chennai team as an SQA Engineer. He started his career at MINDTREE where he has spent the last 4 years in testing desktop and web-based applications, both in manual testing as well as test automation using Eggplant, Keyword Engine and Selenium. He also has experience with REST API testing and is keen to explore more into software testing at Invicara. Srini adds that as a tester, he has learned to find plenty of bugs (mainly in software, not in real life).

Srini loves photography, travel, acting and has recently started showing more interest in swimming and social activities.

Srinivasan SP
Srinivasan SPLead QA Automation
Srinivasan SP

Srinivasan has around 11 years of experience in Quality Assurance. He was associated with Symantec before joining Invicara. He has a passion for delivering high quality product with support of automation. As a Principal Engineer he has a strong knowledge in web and API automation and also, expertise in developing Software Test Plans, Test Case Design, and Test Scripts based on System Requirements Document (SRD) and Business Requirements Document (BRD).

He is a Fun loving person and his hobby is to watch movies and play badminton.

TimFront End Developer
Tim Burnham

Tim has over 15 years of software development experience. In recent years he has become well versed in AngularJS and front end development. His focus at Invicara is maintaining and enhancing Invicara’s cloud based software.

When he is not working you can find him playing music with his daughter www.sydneyburnham.com or helping musicians around the world by developing and supporting his website and apps www.setlisthelper.com

VedhavalliSr. Product Manager
Vedhavalli SS

Vedha is a keen observer of things around her. She likes to analyse various aspects of a problem before arriving at a solution. Vedha is keen in getting to know new people, she believes we learn every day from the world around us.

She loves to learn new things and adapts to new environments and roles very quickly. She loves listening to music and playing with her kids.

WawanSr Software Architect
Wawan Solihin

Wawan has over 13 years’ experience and expertise in BIM and implementing BIM projects. He designed and led development of the famed BIM based CORENET ePlanCheck project, led and managed BIM/IFC implementation and model checking initiative in his 7 years in Autodesk. He has worked extensively with one of the most creative and talented software professionals globally in European, US and Asian companies. He is recognized to be one of the few experts in the BIM and rule-checking domain.

Wawan enjoys travelling with his family. Together they have visited more than 30 countries around the world, and it is growing.