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Invicara | Case Study: BIM Data for Owners - Arkansas Children's Hospital - Bernhard TME Title

BIM Data for Owners

While construction projects are complex, BIM data doesn’t have to be! Learn how you can deliver better BIM data for owners throughout design and construction.

Watch this webinar and find out how you can deliver complete, reliable data handovers for your projects.

BIM Data for Owners Case Study – Bernhard TME

Arkansas Children’s Northwest knows that good BIM data is key for maintenance and operations. Also, they wanted their new building to have all equipment data populated in the CMMS by substantial completion. So Mark Mergenschroer of Bernhard TME helped them:

  • Create effective BIM data specifications
  • Set up workflows for data gathering and validation for each stage of the project lifecycle
  • Deal with the complexities of coordinating data from multiple disciplines and firms

BIM Assure Demonstration

After Mark’s presentation, you’ll learn about new features of BIM Assure focused on expanding access to building data. The new features help AEC firms and owners create an integrated BIM data platform for a project. As a result, owners get better control over their building data throughout the entire building lifecycle.

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