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The more you know,
the smarter your building will be.



Buildings never stop being built – they adapt and evolve to meet changing needs over time. As a result, the initial design and construction costs are only a fraction of the lifecycle cost of a building. Operational buildings have a wide range of stakeholders who have different information needs: detailed plans and documents for the building, location and details of various building elements, information about building systems like HVAC, lighting or plumbing, or energy utilization and equipment controls.

For all of these needs, specific systems have evolved. Today, there’s no efficient way to tie them all together. As a result, owners miss opportunities to improve the performance of the building. Invicara’s solutions help owners and operators create a “living” building model – providing a single source of truth for building information that they can access anytime, anywhere. Complementing existing building information systems, Invicara’s solutions help bring accurate, detailed information about the facility to the field.

Now operators can make buildings run smarter, driving down operating costs and energy consumption while keeping occupants comfortable and productive.

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